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    Pneumatic Pipe Line-Up Clamp

    Internal pipe clamp is specially for aligning pipes before pipeline welding process, large rang from 6” to 80”, FESTO valve, Ingersoll motor and optimal design proved its best onsite performance on offshore pipe laying barge and onshore project, copper back up shoes also can be provided for automatic welding.

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    Pipe Facing Machine

    Pipe facing machine is specially for beveling pipes which can process pipe size from 6” to 80”, high cutting accuracy(±0.05mm, roughness Ra1.6) and tremendous fast cutting efficiency(1-5mins) to reach the first-class international product in the world, tight structure design also saves onsite space.

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    Automatic Internal Welding Machine

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    Automatic Orbital Welding Machine

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    Visual Inspection Scanner

    - Detection Mode: Laser & visual image detection - Test Item: Weld residue height, depression, width, cross-edge and pass imaging - Detection Speed (RPM): 0.1~5 clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation for inspection

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    Paywelder product use all the international brand to ensure its best performance, much lower defect rate, three models includes 75KW, 80KW and 100KW for choosing, saves fuel cost USD 8000~ 16,000 a year.

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    Pipeline Roller Cradle

    Roller cradle is designed for hoisting pipes into ditch, special polyurethane material for rollers reduce the peeling off possibility, large range size models to catch different pipe sizes.

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    Pipe Bending Mandrel

    Pipe bending mandrel is one of key parts of pipe bending machine, polyurethane wedge to keeps better performance, convenient hydraulic motor traveling, reasonable structure to make the operation easier.

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    External Pipe Line-Up Clamp

    External line up clamp has the simple structure, high matching accuracy, single diameter designing, easy adjustment, large fit pipe size from 2” to 80”.

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    Pipe Fired Ring Heater

    Ring fired heater is applied on steel pipe preheating prior to welding, 6 symmetrical rollers running along the preheated pipe to ensure even heating effect, also easy to install.

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